UPDATE: Cloud County Commissioners Ron Copple, Mike Cleveland File for Re-Election

Election 2024
Election 2024

Two of the three Cloud County Commissioners up for election this fall filed for re-election this week.

The Cloud County Clerk's Office reports Mike Cleveland, a Republican, filed this week for his First District Cloud County Commission seat.  The First District includes Starr, Colfax, Shirley, Nelson, Elk, North & South Lawrence, Sibley, Aurora, Oakland, and the 1st Ward of Concordia.

In June 2023, Cleveland was appointed by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly to fill the Cloud County Commission seat that became vacant following last summer's resignation of Mark Matthew.  Cleveland, who serves on the Cloud County Chemical Dependency Committee, Health Assessment Committee, and Safety Committee, faces no opposition so far.

Third District Cloud County Commissioner Ron Copple filed for re-election on Wednesday, May 15th.  Copple, a Republican, is nearing the end of his first term after he first was elected in November 2020.  The Third District includes Grant, Summit, Solomon, Lyon, Center, East & West Meredith, East Lincoln, and the 3rd Ward of Concordia.

So far, Copple also faces no opposition.

As KNCK News was the first to report last week, Dannie Kearn of Concordia has filed for the Second District seat on the Cloud County Commission.  Currently, Gary Caspers of Concordia is the District 2 Cloud County Commissioner.  Caspers has served as Cloud County Commissioner for District 2 since 2005.  The Second District includes Arion, Buffalo, West Lincoln, 1st - 2nd Ward of Concordia, 2nd - 2nd Ward of Concordia, and 4th Ward of Concordia.

The filing deadline for candidates is noon on Monday, June 3, 2024.

This year, all Cloud County positions are up for election, including County Attorney, County Clerk, County Register of Deeds, County Sheriff, County Treasurer, and all three County Commission seats.