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NCK Tech Foundation Holds Inaugural Founders' Week Celebration

NCK Tech Foundation Presented its First Hall of Fame Award on the Beloit Campus to Former Director Robert (Bob) Severance
NCK Tech Foundation Presented its First Hall of Fame Award on the Beloit Campus to Former Director Robert (Bob) Severance

NCK Tech Foundation held its inaugural Founders' Week at NCK Tech this week. 

In 1963, a group of Trailblazers envisioned the need for a local technical education institution, and with their guidance and tenacity, NCK Tech was the first technical college established in the state of Kansas in 1964.

Eric Burks, President of NCK Tech, says Dean Haddock, who later was elected the first chairman of the school's executive board, was instrumental in these early efforts.

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November 14th through November 18th was an exciting week on their two campuses, commemorating and honoring their Founders and Trailblazers who helped establish their College as well as those who led the way as instructors and administrators.  Founders' Week was also a time to celebrate their current students, faculty and staff as well.

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Fun events were held each day of Founders' Week on their two campuses, including a Birthday Party in honor of the NCK Tech Founders and the establishment of the Technical College, a Week of Giving Campaign to help future students, and a community and alumni social event at the Kettle in Beloit.

NCK Tech Foundation also presented its first Hall of Fame award on the Beloit Campus to Robert (Bob) Severance.  Bob was the first employee hired during the first year (1964) to teach vocational agriculture and welding.  After teaching for three years, he was appointed as the director of the school.  His appointment as director would span the next quarter-century of the school's existence, and his vision and guidance are evident in nearly every phase of its growth.  Bob was chosen for the top leadership position in 1967 and served in that capacity until his retirement in 1992.

Bob has been very generous in giving back and supporting the NCK Tech campus, programs and students and established two scholarship funds that financially support up to seven students every year.

Burks said their goal is to honor those former instructors, administrators and benefactors who helped establish NCK Tech.

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The NCK Tech College Endowment Association and Foundation was established in 1992 as a not-for-profit corporation.  It is a 501(c)(3) organization under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Kansas.  Sharing your financial resources with NCK Technical College is an expression of benevolence and devotion to the continuation of higher education involving individuals of all walks of life. 

NCK Tech College Endowment Association and Foundation enables the College to provide current programs with the necessary materials, buildings, and equipment to train individuals to be successful and productive; and provides scholarships to students that offer financial assistance for our future workforce.