Drive To Zero Partners Ask Motorists to Reduce Risk and Always Buckle Up

Click It or Ticket Campaign
Click It or Ticket Campaign

The Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Highway Patrol and Kansas Turnpike Authority remind motorists of the importance of wearing seat belts no matter where they sit in a vehicle.

“Many people wrongly believe they’re safe without a seat belt, especially in a larger vehicle like a pickup truck, or if they’re traveling on rural roads,” said KDOT Secretary Calvin Reed.  “Our data shows a significant increase in surviving crashes if a person is buckled up.  Do it for your loved ones.”

Law enforcement agencies across Kansas will support this lifesaving focus by participating in the national Click It or Ticket effort, which coincides with the Memorial Day holiday, May 15th to 27th.  Motorists will also see and hear messaging showing why seat belt use can be a life-or-death decision.

“Using a seat belt every trip is a small act that can make an immense impact in the event of a crash,” said Kansas Highway Patrol Col. Erik Smith.  “Being properly buckled is proven to prevent serious injuries and gives each passenger the greatest chance of survival.  The Kansas Highway Patrol is dedicated to ensuring travelers make it to their destinations safely.”

In 2023, more than half of the people (134) who died in passenger motor vehicle fatality crashes were unrestrained in Kansas.  Also, in 2023, 1,879 people suffered serious injuries in crashes and about 1 in 4 of those people were not belted.  Research shows proper seat belt use reduces the risk of fatal injury by 45-60 percent and serious injury by 50 percent.

“We know there will be an increase in traffic with warmer weather upon us, and of course, due to the Memorial Day holiday,” said Andrew Booth, KTA Safety Coordinator.  “The KTA wants all travelers to reach their destinations safely no matter what time of year by buckling up every trip, every time.”

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