Cloud County Receives More Wind Farm Grant Requests Before March 30th Application Deadline

EDP Renewables
EDP Renewables

Prior to the grant application deadline of March 30th, the Cloud County Commission received several new applications for Meridian Way Wind Farm dollars provided each year to Cloud County by EDP Renewables.

This year, Cloud County received a gift of $300,000 from the Meridian Way Wind Farm and EDP Renewables.  The funds are to be used to support innovative projects that enhance quality of life, prosperity and safety of the citizens of Cloud County by creating additional educational, recreational, social, health, community development, and economic opportunities for them and for existing and new businesses in Cloud County.

David Sprague of Concordia submitted a grant request of $61,250 for the development of an innovative RV Park, including modern RV connections and a range of recreational attractions, such as walking trails, picnic spots, a dedicated dog park, and community gathering spaces.  In addition to recreational amenities, the RV Park will include a storm shelter, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and visitors during severe weather events.

12x12 Recovery in Concordia submitted a request of $16,224.80 to repair their roof at 731 West 11th Street in Concordia.  The current roof is in critical condition with leaks causing damage and potential health hazards.  12x12 Recovery seeks to replace the entire roof with high-quality, durable materials.  12x12 Recovery provides a safe haven and supportive structure for individuals committed to living a sober life.

The Clyde Chamber of Commerce submitted a request of $13,000 to bring live music to the 125th Clyde Watermelon Festival for its Saturday night entertainment.  The money will cover the cost of the band.  The chamber will work with other grant and sponsorship opportunities to help cover the costs of the booking agent, stage, lights, sound, and other entertainment to fill the evening.

POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society submitted a request of $10,000 to do restoration work to a rare 1944 World War II Amphibious Jeep.  The vehicle, which has been given to POW Camp Concordia, is currently in Sheridan, Montana with David Welch, owner of Ramshorn Creek Restorations.  POW Camp Concordia has been given several memorials to fund the restoration and has also received money from the Community Foundation for Cloud County to help fund this project.  Once the vehicle is restored and returned to Concordia, Marian Condray and Barbara Shunn with the POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society said they believe the vehicle will bring many history enthusiasts, World War II researchers, students and teachers, travelers and visitors to Concordia and Cloud County.

The Saron Baptist and Danish Lutheran Church Association submitted a grant request of $10,000 to help fund general repair work to preserve the two churches.  In their application, the two churches that are under one board, said the upkeep and the preservation of the historical churches is important to many in Cloud County.  The Saron Baptist Church is 150-years-old and the Danish Lutheran Church is nearing 120-years-old.

The City of Concordia in collaboration with the Concordia Hurricanes Swim Team submitted a grant request of $5,000 to replace eight dive blocks at the Concordia Municipal Swimming Pool.  Dive blocks are used to provide an elevated dive platform, allowing a stronger dive at the start of each race.  Dive blocks also provide swimmers performing the backstroke to start the proper form.  The current dive blocks are set in place during Swim Team practices and meets.  Single-post receiver anchors are set into the concrete deck.  Dive block posts slide into the anchors for use.  Over the years, these anchors and posts have deteriorated through normal wear, weathering, and exposure to chemicals from the water, making them more difficult to anchor in place and to remain steady while swimmers climb onto them and prepare to dive into the water.  At a total project cost of $30,000, the parent-run Concordia Hurricanes Swim Team, which provides opportunities for area youth ages 6 to 18 to gain confidence in swimming in a competitive yet recreational Kansas-Nebraska Swim League, hopes to replace all eight dive blocks with single-post dive blocks and new anchors.

The Concordia Youth Football Team submitted a grant request of $5,000 to replace game-day uniforms for the fourth, fifth and sixth grade youth.  New uniforms have not been purchased in the last ten years.  Total cost to the team for 50 new uniforms would be $110 each for jersey and game day pants for a grand total of $5,500.

North Central Kansas CASA & Hope's Place Child Advocacy Center submitted a request of $4,000 to upgrade specific areas within their office.  NCK CASA is hoping to replace the carpet and paint the four walls of the reception area, as well as replace the carpet in its forensic interview room.  Wall to Wall Carpeting has generously offered to donate in-stock carpet, however NCK CASA will still have the cost of installation.  NCK CASA also needs to replace two chairs in the Child Advocacy Family Room.

Hungry Hollow Ministries of Jamestown submitted a request of $2,000 to take a group of youth and adults on a mission trip to Forgotten Ministries in Enid, Oklahoma.  While $200 is all Forgotten Ministries requests to help cover their expenses for the week, Kristy Shrader of Hungry Hollow Ministries wants to make scholarships available through wind farm funding and other donations received.

The Cloud County Genealogical Society submitted a request of $1,314.97 to purchase a computer equipped with genealogy software to allow members to efficiently research, document and organize genealogical data.  With a computer and appropriate software, members can collaborate more effectively on genealogical projects.  They can share research findings, collaborate on family tree construction, and coordinate efforts to collect and verify genealogical data.  A computer equipped with presentation software can be used for creating and delivering engaging presentations, enhancing the society's educational outreach efforts.

The 12th Judicial District Supervised Visitation and Child Exchange Service submitted a request of $1,000 to go toward the cost of updated staff training through the Kansas Highway Patrol in the areas of self-defense skills, defensive driving course, active shooter, drug/alcohol recognition, reading body language, observation skills, pat downs vs visual checks, and more.  The majority of the program and administrative costs will be covered by in-kind contributions and Attorney General and Governor's Office Grant Project Funds.

The Jamestown City Library submitted a request of $500 to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming.  According to their application, STEM education fosters resilience in a learner, not only making them more employable but preparing them for whatever life throws their way.  STEM also encourages risk-taking and innovation, builds creativity, teamwork and empathy towards others, and helps learners become comfortable using technology as a tool from an early age, preparing them for the future by meeting the needs of the labor market.