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Pressure Canner Dial Gauge Testing at Republic County Extension Office on June 30

River Valley Extension District
River Valley Extension District

Bring in your Pressure Canner’s Dial Gauge for FREE Testing

No appointment is needed, walk-ins are welcomed

Thursday, June 23rd at the Washington County Extension Office in the basement of the courthouse at 214 C St in Washington from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Tuesday, June 28th at the Clay County Extension Office at 322 Grant Ave in Clay Center from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Thursday, June 30th at the Republic County Extension Office in the basement of the courthouse at 1815 M St in Belleville from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

You could also drop off your dial gauge beforehand and pick it up later in the week

You are welcome to bring the gauge AND LID if you are unable to separate the two or simply do not want to

Improperly home-canned vegetables are the most common cause of botulism outbreaks in the United States. Don’t be a statistic.

There will be resources on-site available for you to review including the So Easy To Preserve book, the most recent edition of the Ball Blue Book, and the USDA’s Guide to Home Canning.  We would also be glad to help you navigate the National Center for Home Food Preservation’s website while you are here. We would be glad to provide you with information and recipes to take home!

I will stay on-site during the lunch hour for your convenience

NOTE ABOUT ALL AMERICAN PRESSURE CANNERS: We will NOT test All American dial gauges. This is because All American’s guidance is to use the WEIGHT to determine the pressure. They say the dial gauge is there simply to let you know there is, in fact, pressure in the canner, and when it is safe to remove the lid after canning.

Did you know?? The elevation of Clay, Cloud, Republic and Washington Counties is above 1,000 feet, which likely changes the pressure and time requirements for your recipe!

I am housed in the Concordia office so those who live or work in Cloud County or would just prefer to swing by the Concordia office – feel free to do so anytime, again, you can always leave your gauge and pick it up later.

Please reach out with any questions! My office number is 785-243-8185. My email is kaitlinmoore@ksu.edu